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TechnoReso Services Pvt. Ltd, established in 2013 is a multidisciplinary service providing company with a vision to empower individual professionals, firms, startups and companies through advanced Information Technology (IT). We aim to navigate change for a better tomorrow.

TechnoReso Services have extended their services to two established business ventures namely,

Local Supermart, an online one stop grocery shopping application for the local retailers to sell their products and a one-in-all space for customers to shop from the comfort of their homes.

TechnoReso Engineering Services, a consultancy firm specializing in providing tangible solutions and assistance in strategy, manufacturing, operations and technology for companies and/or individual professionals as per global standards.

TechnoReso Services Pvt. Ltd, aims to foster growth and development through their creative business solutions.

Engineering Services

Products & Services

New Factory design and planning

  • Business case development
  • Capacity planning
  • Factory Simulation
  • Investment calculation and ROI calculation
  • Equipment requirement and utilization
  • Inventory planning and analysis

Reorganization of existing factory

  • Analysis of existing factory Vs new factory
  • Identify the area of improvements
  • Product analysis and mapping with volume
  • Production layout analysis and development
  • Logistic planning and design supply methods

Automation design

  • Identify the area of automation
  • Develop the multiple concepts of automation
  • Prepare the working animation of automation
  • Automation design and development
  • Manufacturing support

Assembly line development and design

  • Product mapping
  • Analysis of value added and non-value added activity
  • Value stream mapping (VMS) and develop the gantt chart for assembly
  • Line design and capacity calculations
  • Assembly line layout design planning
  • Manpower calculation and utilization

Logistic design and planning

  • Warehouse design and mapping
  • Logistic layout design
  • Component mapping with respect to location
  • Design the supply methods

Work Instruction development

  • Design the industry standard work instruction
  • 3D and 2D work instruction design
  • Link bill of material and work instruction design

Boiler proposal arrangements drawings

  • Pre order/ Tender drawings.
  • Post order final GA Drawing for the customer.
  • Boiler Layout.

Indian boilers code calculations

  • Pressure part assembly and detail drawings preparation.
  • Along with Indian boilers code calculations

Capacity enhancement

  • Increase the boiler capacity with addition of additional heating surface.
  • Multiple fuel system arrangements addition.

Detail engineering drawings

  • Checking of drawings.
  • Check the drawing standards
  • Boiler Refractory and insulation drawings.
  • Proper material selection at various locations in the boiler.

Detail manufacturing and fabrication drawing

Piping drawings

  • Pressure piping drawings along with code calculations.

2D Drawing development

  • Develop the 2d drawings as per company standards

Drawing checking

  • Check the drawings tolerances and standards
  • Check the drawings section view
  • Check the drawing criticality

3D to 2D conversion support

  • Prepare 2D drawings from 3D

Manpower support

  • Dedicated manpower support
  • Onsite and off site support

3D animation

  • Industrial Plant walkthrough
  • Industrial Plant walkthrough with Product movement
  • Equipment working animation
  • Process animation
  • Product animation

Plant simulation

  • Throughput of the system under ideal (100% uptime) and actual conditions (with downtime)
  • Bottleneck analysis (identification, quantification & resolution)
  • Utilization analysis
  • Lead time analysis
  • Work in progress (WIP) analysis
  • Material flow analysis
  • Detailed report incorporating assumptions, parameters, analysis and recommendation

Digital work instruction

  • 3D work instruction
  • Animated work instruction
  • Interactive work instruction


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